Rodent Control

Are you hearing noises in the attic? Do you want to send your unwanted house guests packing? Or prevent them from entering at all?  

 We offer complete rodent trapping and removal services and full exclusion services. Trapping and removal will usually control the rodent population on the property, but will not keep rodents from entering the structure. The structure must be excluded so that all possible entry ways are closed.

  • We inspect the property for rodent activity and entry points

  • We design a trapping plan to meet the needs of the property

  • These services are completed in the most humane way possible

  • All traps and baits will be installed in areas that are safe for children and pets

  • All repairs are guaranteed to keep out rodents and our guarantee is renewable each year

  • Under the renewable guarantee, we will complete an annual inspection for rodent activity

  • If a new rodent entry point is located, we will make the necessary repairs at our cost

  • All exclusion services will be completed in conjunction with trapping and removal. Once a structure is totally excluded, trapping and removal will continue until all rodents are removed from the structure

  • We also do crawl space encapsulation to help protect your home from rodents!